Do you have something to talk about?

  • a fabulous tip or advice,
  • a favourite local place,
  • a wonderful photo of our area,
  • ideas for family fun, or
  • forthcoming events.

Or you may be a local business owner who would like to share…

  • health and wellbeing,
  • house and garden,
  • cooking,
  • business tips,
  • real estate,
  • cars,
  • creative industries,
  • careers
  • retail (who doesn’t love shopping?!)

If you are interested in writing a column please contact us at with the subject ‘Advice Column’. We are interested in professional industry advice, trade tips, garden tips, yard ideas/designs, unique properties, trends, saving money advice, tax time tips, DIY, tutorials, cleaning advice/tips, craft and much more.

The list is (almost) endless!¬†We’d love to hear from you if you have a story to tell or expertise to share!