Supported image file types

  • JPG, PNG, GIF (if you want animated!)
  • Microsoft Publisher, Word or Powerpoint files are NOT supported.


  • Optimised for web, low resolution (72dpi), and preferably less than 1mb per image is required.

Please remember that copyright for your images and submitted posts is your responsibility, so please no using images downloaded from Google unless you own the image, and no using content from other sites unless you have permission from the owner. If Zest uses any of your images in editorial or posts we will give appropriate acknowledgement.


You (or your designer) will need to be familiar with our specifications. Templates are are available to download.

If you need an experienced designer who can work with you on your ad, you could contact any of the following people. If you are a graphic designer and would like to be listed you can add an ad to the classifieds!

  • Karen English: phone 0438 063 552 or email
    Karen is an experienced local graphic designer and has over 10 years experience – 7 of these years working on print ads and publication layouts including Australian Hairdressers Journal, Quest Community Newspapers and Style Magazines.

You will need to negotiate a price with whomever you choose, but as a guide (and this is based on my own experience doing similar jobs):

  • You would expect to pay anything from $50-$150 depending on the size of your ad or imagery required. Ask for a quote prior to work commencing.
  • You will need your logo and copy.
  • Be available to proof read and approve your ad prior to using it.
  • If images need to be sourced from an image library, an additional cost may apply.
  • Prices would generally include one round of changes to the initial design (no, this doesn’t mean a total re-design!). Further changes may incur additional charges.
  • You will own the ad once you have paid for it.
  • You should be provided with a high resolution copy of the ad for future use if needed.


Online Ad PlacementDownload psd (Photoshop) or jpg (image) templates for correct dimensions.

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Free Advertising Design

We are unfortunately unable to continue to offer a completely free design service for your ads but we may offer these as a one-off in future. You will be provided with a copy of your ad, however free ads will be owned by Zest Magazine and their use in other publications is generally not permitted. Please contact us if you have questions about this.